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Gaufrette fourrée à la crème cacao SIMSIM

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import conserve Sardine maroc

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Morocco biscuit export Matcho

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Canned Products

all reference in the agro-food industry in Morocco. Starting with the selection of raw materials to satisfying the on-going changing needs of consumers and the introduction of new technologies in the production process gives itself the best assets to reinforce a well-deserved leadership. specialized in agro-industries and our main activity is managing industrial units that conserve, treat, condition and distribute processed vegetable-related products such as Cherry Peppers, Olives, Capers, Apricots, Truffles. Many factors guarantee the quality of our products among which we can cite the Moroccan climate as being the most favorable to the production of these particular condiments. It is no secret that Moroccan olives named ‘Picholine’ and apricots are among the finest in the world.

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